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What is PayPal

 casinoPayPal is a leading e-payment system that works in most of the mature economies, so to say. It`s an American company founded in 1998. As service is free, there are up to 190 million users
You use PayPal for online buying, fees, entertainment, to send-raise capitals.
The e-wallet is tremendously easy in its usage, it provides access both from PCs or mobile gadgets, guarantees the payment and account safety. To use it, the HTTP users must register the profile on the official site.

A look on Wallet Registration Guidelines

A sign-up is free of charge and as easy as ABC. Any adult consumer from any country that tied up a contract with the banking company can pass the registration. On the official site page, a client has to push on “Sign up” press-button. Primarily, pick one of 2 accounts:

  1. Personal. Allows shopping, paying, receiving money all without sharing your private info.
  2. Business. It adds an ability to mail bills to your client and to cooperate with major smart cards via the web.

Then, go ahead. On the subsequent page, you are to specify your country, e-mail, chosen a secret word, and click on “continue.”
Secondly, a user has to enter such personal information:

  • First and last name;
  • Date of birth;
  • Nationality, home address;
  • Mobile phone number

The compulsory point is to confirm that the consumer has checked out and accepted the offered agreement terms.
The third required operation is to add the card to the PP account. Certified users should enter the card`s number (American Express, Visa, etc.), expires end, CVC code (3 separate digits on the rear plastic`s side), and the bank address to account is referred.

Without adding it to account, you won`t be able to perform any financial transactions. When the card is validated, the minimum quantity (1-2 EUR) is to be removed from your bill but due to being returned within a few days. Detailed instructions are to be e-mailed to the customer.
After the registration is complete, you can freely save the finances in 26 types of currencies.

How to deposit to using PayPal

Chose PayPal as your depositing process and then the sum of currency you wish to invest. After this, you’ll be taken to the PayPal operation-window but be sure you log into the account. You can accomplish this by using your email and password, or to do it faster and keep it all mobile, you can log in using your cell phone number and a four-digit pin.
Please, find out how to set up a PayPal pin in our dedicated guide within login option.
Then, decide whether the money will come from PayPal balance, be debited to the card account or directly from the bank account. Finally, you will be given all the details of the sum to pay and where the money is being taken from. Once you hit the “confirm” button, you acknowledge that money will be withdrawn and you’ll be taken back to the casino with the electronic wallet now filled up.
We hope you know how to use PayPal online now!