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No matter who you are – a seasoned gambler or a greeny, you will need to feel confident about a new online casino you play on. The fact is there is a flood of online casinos now, and thus it becomes more and more difficult to distinguish the good ones from the bad.

We are here to assist you in choosing new casino games online without any risk and loss of money. Bear in mind all our suggestions, and you will play casino online without any doubts or worries. Look at the list of points you are to check before you start playing:

  • Terms and Conditions
  • History
  • Rank
  • Feedback
  • Customer support service
  • Payment methods
  • Range of games and their software providers
  • Certification (Certificate of Trust)

Now we are going to look at them more closely and show how not to turn online casino new experience into a nightmare.

Read the rules

This is a step which is usually neglected by users on all kinds of websites. However, in online gambling is you can’t avoid this. If you are going to play for real money, you really must read Terms and Conditions very carefully.


Check whether the rules are original and not stolen from other resources. If they can’t write rules themselves, it is not a good sign. Such website is not a reliable one at all. After that, you should analyze what is written.

If there are any undesirable rules and conditions, you ought to notice them in advance. It might be disappointing to find them out when you already start winning and, for instance, can’t withdraw a certain amount of money because the conditions say about withdrawal limits.

 History of Casino and Feedback

This is not the main point that can help you to choose an appropriate gambling website, but it is useful to read the history of the gambling den and learn about how they operate and when they started their work.

Other users’ review can be of more help for you. It is better to read at least a part of reviews and comments to see whether they are mostly positive or not. Typically, a good online casino has more positive feedbacks.

However, many of websites now tend to falsify reviews and hire special people to write them. Thus, you should check everything yourself and not count only on comments.

Rank and Certification

Some resources offer a special algorithm which is meant to calculate the rank of best online casinos which is very helpful. It is a good way to check whether the site you chose is good and also to learn about other top resources.

Some casinos have a Certification of Trust. It is not very common, but if you find a website with it, this is the one you need to stop on.

Customer Support Service

Even if the site gives you all the information about how to use it properly, you are to check whether it has a client support. It could be an e-mail address, a telephone number or live chat. No matter which one is used by the casino you want to play in, try it!

Make sure it is not fraud, and the team of the site is always ready to assist you. Write or call them and ask several questions as to evaluate their level of competency. The best companies aim to support their customers and provide their pleasure and safety.

Payment Methods

We may define this step as one of the crucial ones. If you play for money and deposit them, you have to be sure they won’t disappear. Consequently, you are supposed to learn everything about the methods of payment and also the currency the casino uses.

It is also essential to get to know about the pending time, the period of time needed to confirm your withdrawal request, and also the time taken to wire the money to your card or account. It is acceptable when the pending time takes no more than 48 hours. Be careful and don’t wait for your win for ages.


Finally, the variety of games online gambling resource proposes is also important. You won’t play the games you don’t like or are not interested in even if you find the casino reliable.

There are a lot of games such resources have. The most popular kind is supposed to be slot games. They are colorful and easy to play. You may usually play slots, blackjack, poker, roulette and other popular games online.

Bring to notice the software providers. Learn about the prime online providers and choose their games. It is a guarantee of a safe and high-quality gamble.

We have covered all the aspects you should keep in mind and control before starting your online casino experience. Feel safe and confident and have fun playing online!